Nutra Mix ( TH+) 200 Gm


Processed Ragi 6g, Processed Amaranthus 6g, Moth 6g, Bengal Gram 6g, Organic Wheat Flour 6g, Chemical Free Jaggery 10g, A2 Ghee 15g, Dry Dates 20g, Selected herbs 20g, Coconut 5g

Directions to Use:

With Breakfast in warm milk/ water or in juice

Main Ingredients:

Organic Green Moong Whole, Sulphur free sugar, Parched Rice Flour ( Sali Lahi)


Herbs from the forest, rich in essential elements to cover major deficiencies

Specially For:

Best during recuperation and stamina building


High density of Natural proteins amino acids, vits and many minerals. Balances the tridoshas (vaat, Pitta, Kaffa)


1TSF twice daily


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